Meditation Messages: Love is the Name of the Game

Love takes its time. Love never has to rush because love has no fear. Compassion, kindness, forgiveness. These are all attributes of love. They are the details. With no fear present, the only point to exist is to revel in love. Revelation. The acceptance of what is. No anger or rejection. Behavior to describe love would be a constant flow of kindness, compassion, understanding, to be there for another through love. No matter what. This would not drain you. Because it’s free-flowing and you don’t have to resist, tighten up, or exert yourself to let the love just come through. Judgment is the false logic of the proof of love. Judgment is the opposite of love.

Secret To Happiness

The secret to a happy life? Many institutions and gurus and professionals have an opinion about what the answers are to keep on smiling. I think it’s a combination of sorts, personally. Not one thing or one way will give you a happy life. Staying in the present moment is a great practice. But what if your present moment is shitty. Then what? Acceptance rather then rejection helps take the fight and intensity of the moment down a notch. But what if that ache is still there? Then what? One of the constants in my life that continues to help me is exercise. Endorphins chemically help my brain naturally, and the circulation of blood flow makes my body feel good. The mind relaxes and spirit can move more freely with the breath dancing within.

Now if you’ve tried all these things and still there is pain, of course talking to a professional who knows what they are doing is always a wise approach. Getting support from people who love you that exude positive energy can help too. Most of us need a (healthy) tribe to survive, to have the help to lift us up when we’re down, and in turn be there for them fulfilling our duty to serve others which can be one of the biggest boosts to maintain a happy life.

And last but not least, life is full of ups and downs. The duality on this earthly plane is the reality we live in. Sometimes all we can do is cry it out to get us through the pain and on to the other side. There’s going to be hard times, so embracing the dark when it happens can lead us back to the light. So what’s the secret? I believe it’s balance. Embracing, letting go, moving forward. Enjoying when it’s time to enjoy and being present with the yucky stuff, too. Balancing friends with me time, giving to your family and giving to yourself. Giving love and receiving love. That is my wisdom for the day.

I hope this helps you. I love to see people happy. And when they’re sad, my hope is it’s embraced so moving forward can happen sooner than later. I know I like being happy for myself, my family and friends, and for the universal collective consciousness to raise the frequency in the world we live in. Much love to you and yours.

It’s Time To Live, Right Now

It’s a beautiful morning! With Dolores O’Riordan’s passing, I was faced with my own mortality. And by goddess, if I’m not fully living then what is the effin point?! Our lives are so temporary. We quietly think we have forever to do this or that, and before we know it we’re old! As I write this Touch of Grey started playing. I will get by Jerry, you’re right. Until I’m buried 6 feet under. I’m a spiritual person. But that does not mean that I don’t feel the impermanence of this life. Every sunrise, every smile, every laugh, I will observe and drink down into my soul. This is it guys. Enjoy it now. Enough of the whining and complaining. That’s a waste of your precious words and time and thoughts. To fill up on the moments we have, in front of us, that is what my goal is. I may stray into judgement, ah hell, of course I will. I’m a Virgo! Haha! But the time is now to embrace this life, our loved ones and ourselves. Before it’s lights out for good, turn all your lights on and shine brighter than the sun. It’s our time to shine 🌞

Saturday Night Thoughts

Remembering the past can be bittersweet. The brain cannot keep memories exactly how they happened. As time goes on, our brain changes and so do our memories. I’m posting a picture of the summery Queen Anne’s Lace to remember that this icey cold weather we’re having will soon be a memory, just like the warm moment I took this picture. Tomorrow today will be gone. I’m very relieved that we will be getting a break from these frigid temps starting tomorrow, but I’m looking at the solutions on how to deal with something uncomfortable that has been here for over two weeks. I love going outside, I love taking Leeloo outside. And when we can’t do this, it forces me to see the truth in me. The truth is, I’m strong enough to deal with the pain. My memories serve this to be true. My present now sits with twiddling thumbs while my heart learns new ways to live happily and my mind finds new doors to open to lead me down a path that is fulfilling. The destination does not matter at this point. It is the journey that’s in front of me that needs special care and attention. Because that is the life we are living. The journey of right now. Whether it is ice cold or humid hot, or just a perfect 70°. Every degree is a lesson to learn, to enjoy, or to suffer. But it passes, it always changes. If we stay present, we will see through the temporary and find what’s real within.