Hey Mr. DJ, Put A Record On.

Taking Advice

After seeing my photographs on Instagram, my friend suggested to me that I start a blog.  I resisted, saying “Well isn’t that basically what Instagram is?” She said to some extent, but to have a blog is breaking free.  She didn’t really say “breaking free”, but that’s how I took it since I’ve never been a fan of the word blog, or blogger.  So here I am, breaking free from the group and going out on my own writing my own record. Let’s call it a record instead of a blog, ok?  Sweet.


I suppose an introduction is in order.  My name is J. Moonshine Wise.  Yes, Moonshine is my real middle name.  No, my parents did not choose it.  Although they are indeed hippies, with a side of yuppie.  So put that together and you have yippie!  (Eh hem, so sometimes I get a little corny.  But silliness is what keeps sanity alive.)  I digress.  I chose Moonshine when changing my name for the second time after divorcing my first husband.  The man at the social security office said I could change my middle name to whatever I wanted.  Just not to Mickey Mouse.  I laughed and said “Ok, I want Moonshine.”  Then he laughed.  Paused.  And said “For real?”  I smiled and said “Yup!”  However, I didn’t choose Moonshine because I like homemade whiskey. I chose it because when I was standing on my Studio City balcony one warm night, looking up at the dark sky with speckled sparkles and a glowing moon, I realized that is exactly what we all are.  Moonshine is a reflection of light from the main Source.  The most popular word in America for Source would be God.  We are light that is coming from something bigger than we are.  Now I do not claim any religion to be my own.  I do believe that there is truth to most religions.  That truth is Love.  Everything else is a man made belief system created for power and control.  But there is so much more to living a life full of happiness and fulfillment and it really has nothing to do with either one of those two things.

So now that you know my name, I will give you a little summary of the specifics.  I am a mother to a teenager and my spirit animal dog Leeloo, named after the element love in the movie The Fifth Element played by Milla Jovovich. I’m in my second marriage living in Wisconsin.  “But wait!” you’re thinking, maybe even aloud if you’re one of those people who talks whether someone is in the room or not.  You’re talking to yourself saying “Why is she in Wisconsin when she was in Southern California?!”  I know.  I’m a little nuts sometime.  Corny nuts.  I’m from Orange County, CA.  I was a single mother before and after my first marriage.  I moved to LA because that’s where he worked.  Once we split up, I finished my 4 year stay in LA in a 2 bedroom apartment that really felt like home.  I was single and free again, ready to recreate myself. I was all up in that Eat, Pray, Love shit.  The book of course.  Come on, Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert? I don’t think so.

At this time, my son was 5 years old and once he finished Kindergarten with star studded parents and their kids, I moved back to Orange County.  I lived there for 2 years and then met my current husband in Washington state at the Gorge Amphitheater.  He is from Wisconsin, and was living in Madison. After a fun weekend seeing Dave Matthews Band and their Caravan, I had said the night before we left at a pool hall filled with my friends that it was sad that I’d never see him again.  The next morning we were saying goodbye, and he said as he held me and kept swallowing his spit nervously, “But I don’t want to not see you again”.  He missed his flight so he could be with me a little longer and we saw each other at the airport again for one shot of tequila and a little stroll through the airport gift shops.  When I said goodbye and got on the plane to head home, I listened to Dave and tears streamed down my smiling face. Luckily my friends were sitting in rows behind me so I could have this emo moment to myself.

I’ve been in Wisconsin for 4 years now.  I love taking pictures here, the flowers and landscapes are gorgeous. I paint and just started doing embroidery.  I also took up knitting right before I moved here assuming it was a requirement to stay warm.  My day job is a certified massage therapist, where I help people Monday through Saturday, so I hope I get to continue this blogging hobby between clients, I mean recording hobby.  Naturally.  And art.  And photos.  And puppy cuddles.  I have 4 years left here, and then when my son graduates high school I will be looking for another place to call home.  Preferably a place where you don’t get excited that it’s in the 30’s because it feels so warm.

I will be talking about spirituality, growth, healing habits, fears, love and relationships (and maybe Netflix shows and books, and some tattoo and or dreadlock talk. Who knows really) on this record while sharing my photography, art and hopefully a little bit of wisdom.  My last name, Wise, is my maiden name and requires me to do so every now and then.   Hopefully I’m as good of a recorder as I am at replacing words that I don’t like with other words that make me feel good.  May I reach you with Spirit and share the light of love with every one of you.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi