Meditation Messages: Love is the Name of the Game

Love takes its time. Love never has to rush because love has no fear. Compassion, kindness, forgiveness. These are all attributes of love. They are the details. With no fear present, the only point to exist is to revel in love. Revelation. The acceptance of what is. No anger or rejection. Behavior to describe love would be a constant flow of kindness, compassion, understanding, to be there for another through love. No matter what. This would not drain you. Because it’s free-flowing and you don’t have to resist, tighten up, or exert yourself to let the love just come through. Judgment is the false logic of the proof of love. Judgment is the opposite of love.

It’s Time To Live, Right Now

It’s a beautiful morning! With Dolores O’Riordan’s passing, I was faced with my own mortality. And by goddess, if I’m not fully living then what is the effin point?! Our lives are so temporary. We quietly think we have forever to do this or that, and before we know it we’re old! As I write this Touch of Grey started playing. I will get by Jerry, you’re right. Until I’m buried 6 feet under. I’m a spiritual person. But that does not mean that I don’t feel the impermanence of this life. Every sunrise, every smile, every laugh, I will observe and drink down into my soul. This is it guys. Enjoy it now. Enough of the whining and complaining. That’s a waste of your precious words and time and thoughts. To fill up on the moments we have, in front of us, that is what my goal is. I may stray into judgement, ah hell, of course I will. I’m a Virgo! Haha! But the time is now to embrace this life, our loved ones and ourselves. Before it’s lights out for good, turn all your lights on and shine brighter than the sun. It’s our time to shine 🌞